The melding of the part to the whole. The inquisitive journey of retaining one's identity, finding their voice and utilizing it in order to convey dissatisfaction of the world as we know it today. Breaking  free from programming of all forms and reclaiming our singular identity. Recognizing how we as a society perpetuate hate, violence , segregation and war in all forms......An effort to identify and move forward individually and collectively. All submissions from this point forward will be held at will call in front of Glass Factory. You must have a drivers license and be above the age of 21 to retrieve Golden ticket. Address of venue and rules for show will be submitted via email. Be on the lookout for an email with the subject matter of "Anthony D'Amico's Glass Factory."
Show is set for November 15. Every good boy and girl must have a Golden Ticket to enter. Get your Golden Ticket today!